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How quickly can I complete the programme?


This is a comprehensive programme that includes a lot of information and resources. To get the most out of it, we recommend that you do not complete more than one session a week. However, if you are eager to schedule sessions more frequently than this, you can discuss it with your therapist.


What if I need more than 6 sessions?


We believe that the programme of 6 sessions provides enough time and information for you to make significant improvements to your mental health. The programmes are also designed to equip you with coping techniques and self care plans that you can use well beyond your final session. 

If, upon completing the programme, you feel that you would benefit from more time with a therapist, our team will be happy to arrange further sessions for you.


Do I need to bring anything with me to the sessions?


Before the programme begins, you will receive a welcome pack that includes everything you need to know to prepare. It’s a good idea to establish a private room or space where you can do the therapy component of your programme. You will need a laptop (or similar device) with Zoom installed to complete the sessions.

We also suggest having a pen, notepad, tissues and soft drink on hand.


What if I want to talk about something that isn’t on the programme outline?


The programme outline should be viewed as a guide, rather than a strict curriculum. If you arrive at a session with specific issues you would like to discuss, you are more than welcome to do so. We understand that all of our clients are individuals, so your therapist will adapt the programme to meet your specific needs and wants. 

Please note that if your circumstances require the programme to be significantly altered, you may not be able to complete everything listed on the original outline.


What is a programme?


A ManageMinds programme combines one-to-one therapy with a range of useful worksheets and resources to effectively target specific mental health conditions. Each programme follows a specially-designed schedule that can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. 

The programmes give you the power to overcome mental health struggles by providing you with a detailed understanding of the factors causing your condition, alongside a number of coping mechanisms and stress-reduction techniques to improve your wellbeing. They also include regular assessments to ensure trackable progress is being made.


Can I do the programme in person rather than online?


No. All ManageMinds services are conducted online. We feel this provides clients with the most comfortable and convenient approach to therapy.

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