Mental health conditions are incredibly complex and can present in a number of different ways. These articles shed light on the emotional, physical and behavioural symptoms that are associated with various mental health issues.

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Recognise Any of These Anxious Habits? You Might Have Health Anxiety

Struggling with worries about your health? If you recognise any of the 4 health anxiety habits we cover in this article, it might be time to consider starting therapy.

How Long Can Hangxiety Last?

Why does hangxiety happen? How long can you expect it to last? What can you do to prevent it? Join ManageMinds as we answer all of these questions and more… 

Can a Psychopath Suffer from Health Anxiety?

Psychopaths are often thought of as emotionless and unaffected by anxiety. However, studies have found that the reality is more complex. Here, we'll examine whether psychopaths can experience health anxiety.

How Anxiety Affects Your Appetite

ManageMinds explains what anxiety does to your appetite and provides useful advice on how to manage these symptoms and prevent them from causing long term damage.