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What kind of therapy services does ManageMinds offer?


With ManageMinds, you can either book individual therapy sessions or a larger block of sessions known as a bundle. Bundles enable you to save when you buy multiple sessions at once. You can then take the sessions at your own pace, spreading them across weeks or months—it’s up to you.

As well as our open-ended therapy sessions, we also offer more focused programmes which address a single topic, such as health anxiety.


What is ManageMinds?


ManageMinds provides flexible, affordable online therapy for everyone. When you book with us, we'll match you up with an experienced therapist who meets your requirements, helping you to start your journey to better mental health.


Do you offer therapy to children?


Unfortunately, our therapy packages are only available to those aged 18 or over.


Do I need a formal diagnosis to access these services?


No. Our therapy sessions are available to anyone who would like help with their mental health, regardless of whether they have received a professional diagnosis.

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