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8 Essential Tips To Manage Burnout

Constantly feeling mentally and physically exhausted? Lost all motivation in your work and personal life? These 8 essential tips will help you manage and overcome burnout!

Navigating Social Anxiety: 8 Tips to Feel More Confident

Do social interactions leave you in a state of panic? Learn to navigate your social anxiety and boost your confidence with these top tips!

Meet the Team: Fiona

In this instalment of our Meet the Team series, we're saying hello to integrative counsellor Fiona Royle. Get to know more about her here!

Meet the Team: Michael

Welcome back to our 'Meet the Team' series. Today, we're saying hello to person-centered counsellor Michael. Keep on reading to discover fun facts, advice and more!

Supercharge Your Mental Health with These Gratitude Exercises (Worksheets Included!)

Gratitude exercises are a great way to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Give them a try with our handy worksheets below!

Meet the Team: Philipp

In this edition of our Meet the Team series, we're shining the spotlight on psychotherapist Philipp. Learn more about him here!

5 Breathing Exercises to Reduce Your Anxiety (Infographic & Log Included!)

Breathing exercises are effective at reducing stress and anxiety. Give them a try using our free infographic and track your progress with a fillable, online log!

Why Is My Anxiety Worse in the Morning?

Why do you feel more anxious in the morning? How can you learn to cope with morning anxiety? Join ManageMinds as we answer all of your questions...

Workplace Anxiety: What to Do When You're Anxious at Work

Experiencing persistent anxiety at work could be a sign of workplace anxiety. Here, we'll discuss why this occurs and share some top tips to help you manage your stress levels.

Counselling and Therapy Professional Bodies in the UK

Before you settle on a therapist or counsellor, you need to check whether they're a member of a professional body. Why is this so important? Find out with ManageMinds!

Two Effective Treatments for Sleep Anxiety and Insomnia:

Suffering from sleep anxiety or insomnia? Treatments like CBT-I and MBT-I can help you overcome this issue to get a good night's sleep. Join ManageMinds as we find out how...

Anxiety Before Your Period: Why It Occurs and How to Manage It

Experiencing anxiety before your period is very common. In this article, we'll explore why it occurs, when it might be a sign of a more serious condition and how to cope.