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ManageMinds Just Launched Self-Help Courses!

ManageMinds now offers a range of self-help courses. Find out everything from what's included to prices in this article.

Photograph of therapist Kathryn Taylor next to title reading "self-help courses"

We’re excited to announce that, alongside our therapy sessions and programmes, ManageMinds now provides a range of online self-help courses. 

This option is perfect for people who might not have time for scheduled therapy, but want to be able to access professional support. The courses are also ideal if you’re not ready to talk directly to a therapist about your issues.

Read on to find out what the courses include and where you can find them.

What is a ManageMinds course?

Our online courses offer guides to specific mental health conditions and provide a range of self-help treatments for those conditions. Over a collection of modules you will be counselled via video lessons from our in-house Senior Therapist, Kathryn Taylor.

Each module explores a specific element of a condition, or a type of treatment, and ends with a round-up quiz and homework in the form of worksheets or at-home exercises.

We are also beginning to offer shorter, “pay what you can” courses which provide video lessons and resources in a smaller package.

What's included?

→ Clear and concise guides to specific mental health issues

→ Video lessons from certified therapist, Kathryn Taylor

→ Multiple relaxation techniques and coping mechanisms

→ A range of downloadable self-help worksheets

→ An NHS-approved assessment to track your wellbeing

The courses

We currently have 3 self-help courses on offer—learn more about them below.

The Anxiety Course

Photograph of therapist Kathryn Taylor with text to the left reading "the anxiety course"

Many people experience periods of anxiety in their lives, and it can really impact your day-to-day wellbeing. This course will help you to learn more about why anxiety is affecting you in the way it does and shed light on your personal triggers.

With Kath’s guidance and our self-help worksheets, you’ll be able to reduce your symptoms, gain a sense of control over your anxiety, and improve your overall mental health.

The Anxiety Course is currently on offer for £49.

Learn More

The Health Anxiety Course

Photograph of therapist Kathryn Taylor with text to the left reading "the health anxiety course"

Health anxiety is a common but serious form of anxiety that can completely take over your life. If you’re finding yourself distracted by thoughts of illness or constantly searching your symptoms online, then this course is for you.

Kath will cover exactly what health anxiety is, how it presents itself, and guide you on a journey to take back control of your life. You’ll master a range of coping skills that will enable you to start feeling like yourself again.

The Health Anxiety Course is currently on offer for £49.

Learn More

Essential Relaxation Techniques

Photograph of therapist Kathryn Taylor with text to the left reading "essential relaxation techniques"

While our core courses offer a comprehensive approach to specific conditions, we wanted to create some shorter, more accessible course options. With this in mind, we will be launching a range of “pay what you can courses”, starting at £15.

The first of this kind is Essential Relaxation Techniques. It’s a course that provides a range of resources (in the form of video lessons and worksheets) to enable you to keep your stress levels low and enjoy a happier life.

Learn More

ManageMinds courses

Opening up to a therapist can be pretty nerve-wracking, but the help they provide is incredibly valuable. These self-help courses provide a way for you to gain professional help without sitting in a live therapy session.

If you ever want to browse our courses, just click on the Self-Help Courses link, which can be found at the bottom of every page of our website:

Got a question about our courses that's not covered here? Simply drop us a message via our contact form and we'll be in touch soon.

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