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3 Reasons You Should Start Therapy

Talking to a therapist can help you with everything from mental health issues to achieving life goals. In this article we cover 3 reasons you should start therapy.

Isobel Robb

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Starting therapy can feel like a pretty big deal. Until fairly recently, it was seen as something only people dealing with mental health issues needed. Thankfully, society has become a lot more enlightened, and many people are now enjoying the various benefits of regularly chatting with a therapist.

While therapy certainly is one of the most effective treatments for a myriad of mental health conditions, it's also incredibly useful for people who simply want to learn a bit more about themselves, or achieve some kind of self-improvement.

If you're still not sure whether it's for you, here are 3 reasons you should start therapy…

1. Therapy is an investment in your future

A major roadblock to people starting therapy is that it often costs money. Sure, there are free options for therapy available on the NHS, but good luck getting to the top of that waitlist any time soon! Deciding to start therapy, then, means accepting that you will need to spend some money.

Struggling with the idea of parting with your hard-earned cash without knowing exactly what you're getting in return? We understand. What you need to consider, though, is that buying therapy is not like buying an expensive meal. While food may keep you satiated for a few hours, the things you learn in therapy can serve you for the rest of your life—and that's not an exaggeration.

During therapy, you learn how to take control of your own wellbeing. You'll gain tools that help you to regulate your emotions, and become more adept at problem-solving and dealing with difficult situations. All this is to say that investing in therapy is an investment in your future self. So, if you find an option within your budget, it's likely to be money well spent.

2. Therapy improves your relationships

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Social interaction is vital for us humans. We need to connect with others to feel a sense of community, purpose and safety. Therapy empowers people to improve their relationships by taking important steps such as:

When dealing with a problem, many of us turn to our friends or family for support, which is normal and healthy. However, if we start dumping too many of our problems on the people close to us, things can start to go south.

Relationships are two-way streets, and they require both give and take. Allowing a therapist (who has the added benefit of being a trained professional) to coach you through any issues you're dealing with will allow you to devote more quality time to your friends and family.

Alternatively, you may be someone who struggles to form solid relationships in the first place. This is becoming a common problem in our increasingly "online" world. Talking to a therapist will help you to shed light on why you struggle to maintain friendships or establish strong bonds with people.

3. Therapy can help you to achieve your goals

If you're lucky enough to not be dealing with any particular issues or troubling feelings at the moment, therapy still has a role to play in your life. In fact, it could help you take your life to the next level! Therapies like CBT can be very results-oriented. In other words, you can set clear goals and then track your progress towards them.

Many of us fail to achieve the goals we set because we don't know where to start. It's also hard to maintain progress when there's nobody supporting your efforts or keeping you accountable. A therapist can help you overcome all of these obstacles. They'll work with you to clearly define your goal(s), create an action plan to tackle it, and teach you techniques to maintain motivation and cope with setbacks.

With this level of expertise and support in your corner, there's nothing standing in the way of you becoming the best version of yourself.

Ready to start your therapy journey today? ManageMinds can help. We have a range of online therapy options provided by BACP-registered therapists that you can trust. Have a browse of our services or give us a call on 0330 390 3960 to learn more.

The best news is that you don't have to make any long term commitments—simply start with a single therapy session to get a feel for what works for you!

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