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Choose a Service

Choose the therapy service that best suits your needs. Not sure what to choose? Go for a single session initially.

1 Hour

Single Session

A one-hour session with a professional, experienced psychotherapist.

5 Hours

5-Hour Bundle

Buy 5 sessions and enjoy a discount. Use them once a week or at your own pace.

6 Hours

Workplace Anxiety Programme

Stop negative thought spirals and establish a healthy relationship with your work.

6 Hours

Overcome Loneliness Programme

Discover the root of your loneliness and gain the skills to improve your life.

6 Hours

Beat Burnout Programme

Overcome physical and emotional exhaustion and adopt a new approach to life.

6 Hours

Beat Health Anxiety Programme

Tackle the causes of your health anxiety and take back control over your life.

6 Hours

Manage Anxiety Programme

Break free from mind traps and learn effective coping skills to overcome anxiety.

6 Hours

The Panic Attacks Programme

Address cognitive distortions and gain coping strategies to take back control of your life.

6 Hours

Fear of Flying Programme

Manage anxiety around flying and learn how to cope with triggers for a life free from fear.

6 Hours

Defeat Depression Programme

Conquer negative thought traps and gain the tools to free yourself from depression. <

6 Hours

The Phobia Programme

Gain the tools and knowledge to tackle your phobia and stop fear controlling your life.

6 Hours

Postnatal Depression Programme

Challenge negative thoughts and take back control of your life and wellbeing.

6 Hours

Control Anger Programme

Channel your anger in a healthy way and improve your perspective for a happier life.

First Session (60 Mins)

Choose when you'd like to start. Your first session can be arranged within 24 hours typically.