The Manage Anxiety Programme From ManageMinds

Suffering from anxiety? This 6-week, 1-2-1 therapy programme has everything you need to free yourself from negative thought cycles.

5 Communication Skills That Will Improve Your Relationships

Looking to build new relationships or improve your existing connections? These 5 communication skills will help you to become a better partner, friend, colleague and family member.

The ManageMinds Defeat Depression Programme

Learn all about our therapy service tailored to anyone experiencing mild to moderate depression.

Recognise Any of These Anxious Habits? You Might Have Health Anxiety

Struggling with worries about your health? If you recognise any of the 4 health anxiety habits we cover in this article, it might be time to consider starting therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Single-Session Therapy?

Single-session therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a flexible and affordable way to improve mental health. In this article we explore the benefits of this approach to therapy.

Navigating Social Anxiety: 8 Tips to Feel More Confident

Do social interactions leave you in a state of panic? Learn to navigate your social anxiety and boost your confidence with these top tips!

ManageMinds Explains... Anxious Attachment Style

Attachment styles have become something of a hot topic. In the first of our ManageMinds Explains series, we provide a guide to anxious attachment style. It includes causes, symptoms and advice on how to heal.

5 Anger Management Techniques You Can Start Using Now

Struggling to control your anger? This article covers 5 different anger management techniques that you can implement today to help you keep your cool and improve your relationships.

Meet the Team: Fiona

In this instalment of our Meet the Team series, we're saying hello to integrative counsellor Fiona Royle. Get to know more about her here!

3 Reasons You Should Start Therapy

Talking to a therapist can help you with everything from mental health issues to achieving life goals. In this article we cover 3 reasons you should start therapy.

The ManageMinds Beat Health Anxiety Programme

Did you know that ManageMinds offers a bespoke 1-2-1 therapy service for people dealing with health anxiety? Find out more about our Beat Health Anxiety Programme!

Anger: When Does It Become a Problem?

We all feel angry sometimes, but how do you know if you're developing an anger problem? This article covers the warning signs to watch out for.

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