How Was Anxiety Treated in the 1900s?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, today's anxiety disorders hadn't even been defined, and modern therapies were still decades away. So, how was anxiety treated in the 1900s? In this article, we investigate.

Why Do Certain People Give Me Anxiety?

Anxiety can be triggered not only by situations but certain types of people. Find out why this happens and how you can manage your symptoms with ManageMinds.

Is There a Positive Side to Anxiety?

As prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs skyrocket, and more and more people are diagnosed with various anxiety disorders, a new wave of thought is emerging that suggests medicating and suppressing these feelings may do more harm than good.

How Long Can Hangxiety Last?

Why does hangxiety happen? How long can you expect it to last? What can you do to prevent it? Join ManageMinds as we answer all of these questions and more… 

Long-Term Use of Antidepressants for Anxiety

Some people with anxiety choose to treat their condition with long-term use of antidepressants. In this article, we'll explore why this is and what the effects are.

Can a Psychopath Suffer from Health Anxiety?

Psychopaths are often thought of as emotionless and unaffected by anxiety. However, studies have found that the reality is more complex. Here, we'll examine whether psychopaths can experience health anxiety.

10 Interesting Takeaways from Netflix’s Stutz

It’s encouraging to see mental health being discussed more openly these days. One of the latest examples of this is Netflix’s Stutz, directed by and starring Jonah Hill.

How Rabbits Can Improve Your Mental Health in 7 Ways

In this article, ManageMinds explores the seven ways rabbits can improve your mental health and why you should consider welcoming one into your home.

How Reliable Is GAD-7? Sensitivity and Specificity

To determine the accuracy of diagnostic tests, we need to know their sensitivity and specificity. In this article, we'll explore these values for GAD-7, and determine how much stock you should put in it.

World's Most Anxious Countries: Slideshow

The prevalence of anxiety differs depending on where you live. See which ten countries have the highest rates of anxiety disorders in our slideshow, and learn why this variation exists.

How To Manage Anxiety With the Anxiety Equation

In this article, ManageMinds explains how you can use the Anxiety Equation to understand what's causing your anxiety and develop a set of coping skills that will slowly minimise your symptoms.

How Anxiety Affects Your Appetite

ManageMinds explains what anxiety does to your appetite and provides useful advice on how to manage these symptoms and prevent them from causing long term damage.

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