The term anxiety covers a wide range of feelings and conditions. These articles offer general overviews, useful definitions and comprehensive discussions on the topic.

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Feeling Worried? Challenge Anxious Thoughts with These Simple Questions

Stuck in a spiral of anxious thoughts? Use these 3 simple questions to challenge negative thinking and adopt a healthier mindset.

Can You Be an Extrovert with Social Anxiety?

If you were to picture an extrovert in your mind, you'd likely think of an outgoing, vivacious social butterfly. Meanwhile, think of someone with social anxiety, and you'd likely imagine someone shy and withdrawn, who avoids social situations as muc...

The Manage Anxiety Programme From ManageMinds

Suffering from anxiety? This 6-week, 1-2-1 therapy programme has everything you need to free yourself from negative thought cycles.

Recognise Any of These Anxious Habits? You Might Have Health Anxiety

Struggling with worries about your health? If you recognise any of the 4 health anxiety habits we cover in this article, it might be time to consider starting therapy.

Navigating Social Anxiety: 8 Tips to Feel More Confident

Do social interactions leave you in a state of panic? Learn to navigate your social anxiety and boost your confidence with these top tips!

The ManageMinds Beat Health Anxiety Programme

Did you know that ManageMinds offers a bespoke 1-2-1 therapy service for people dealing with health anxiety? Find out more about our Beat Health Anxiety Programme!

Take Our HA-7 Questionnaire to Check Your Health Anxiety Score

Complete the ManageMinds health anxiety questionnaire to learn your own personal health anxiety score. This figure will help you to put your anxiety levels in perspective and learn about suitable treatment.

What Is Anxiety?

Want to learn more about anxiety? This article covers everything from symptoms and causes, to the various treatments that are available for those dealing with anxiety disorders.

Counselling and Therapy Professional Bodies in the UK

Before you settle on a therapist or counsellor, you need to check whether they're a member of a professional body. Why is this so important? Find out with ManageMinds!

Take Our GAD-7 Questionnaire to Learn Your Anxiety Score

The ManageMinds anxiety questionnaire provides you with your own personal anxiety score. This number enables you to understand more about your anxiety levels and the most suitable treatment for you.

Welcome to ManageMinds

New to ManageMinds and want to learn more about us? In this post, we'll introduce ourselves and answer some frequently asked questions.

#MentalHealth and TikTok: How Reliable Is Mental Health Content on TikTok?

Mental health content on TikTok is on the rise. In this article, we'll explore how reliable this content is and the ways in which you can navigate the minefield of misinformation.