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New to ManageMinds and want to learn more about us? In this post, we'll introduce ourselves and answer some frequently asked questions.

Andy Boardman

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Hello! If you're reading this, then you've made your way over to the ManageMinds blog. However, you might not know very much about what we do here. This post is here as a way for us to introduce ourselves (hi!) and to explain a little more about how we work. Read on to get more information on all things ManageMinds.

What is ManageMinds?

ManageMinds is a service that aims to make therapy accessible to everyone. We make it quicker and simpler to access support for a range of mental health conditions, including:

All of our treatments take place online via video or audio chat. This allows for maximum flexibility: therapy that fits around your schedule. What's more, your sessions with us are completely confidential, giving you a safe space to freely discuss your thoughts and feelings.

At ManageMinds, we know that many people live with poor mental health for years without ever seeing a doctor. We don't want this to be a barrier to those wishing to seek help, which is why we don't require a formal diagnosis to use our services.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is explore the types of therapy services we offer. You can start with a single session, save with a bundle of sessions, or choose a focused programme for a specific issue. Our sessions are designed for those experiencing mild or moderate symptoms. If your symptoms are severe, you may wish to speak to your GP before booking with ManageMinds, as our services may not be right for you.

Not sure how many sessions you need? Our questionnaires can help you to assess your anxiety and depression, helping to point you in the right direction. You can always contact us if you need further advice—we're always happy to help!

You do not have to pay the total amount at this point. We simply require a deposit of £75, which is fully refundable if you choose not to continue with our services. You can even spread the cost over three months.

Once you've booked in, you'll start taking your sessions with one of our qualified, experienced therapists. If, for any reason, you feel that the therapist you speak to is not a good fit, we can arrange for you to start with a new therapist as soon as possible. When you are happy with everything, you can schedule your remaining therapy sessions and pay your balance.

Which therapists does ManageMinds work with?

ManageMinds only works with therapists who have been accredited by one of the UK's professional bodies overseeing counselling and therapy. These include:

What can I find on the ManageMinds blog?

The ManageMinds blog is where we'll add a wealth of information for our clients, or for those who simply want to gain a better understanding of their mental health.

Here, we'll be delving into the causes of mental health disorders and their symptoms, as well as highlighting some self-help techniques we think will prove helpful. We'll also discuss the various therapies used, talk about ways in which you can support others, and provide some facts you might not have known.

Ready to get started?

Help is just a few clicks away. Begin your ManageMinds journey by booking with us today. We'll help you to manage your thoughts and free your mind.

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